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CeSOS researchers are involved in disseminating information in projects for industry and governmental agencies to contribute towards the safe and sustainable use of the world’s oceans.  We make presentations to the Royal Norwegian Society of Science and Letters and the Research Council of Norway, and to the public at large by means of press reports and popular presentations to a variety of public bodies.

Our scientific activities are documented through:

  • Publication of scientific papers and textbooks
  • Conference presentations, seminars and guest lectures
  • PhD courses offered
  • Doctoral degrees achieved
  • Wide international networking
  • Dissemination of research results and information
  • Software based on the methods developed.


Annual Reports Archive PDF Print E-mail

Each year an annual report is published to present current results achieved by scientists and researchers at the Centre. These documents are public and can be downloaded here.

Read our Annual Report 2012 online!

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See our research achievements in our internal publications database.

See also a listing of CeSOS publications (by year) from Cristin. Cristin (Current Research Information System in Norway) is a national system for documenting research results, information and academic activities.