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  •  Guest lecture by Michael Strobel,  head of a team in Fraunhofer, IWES, engaged in developing integrated tools for wind turbine analyses.

    Time: Monday, November 29. at  13:15-16:00
    Place: Room T3-4 at the Marine Technology Centre.

    •    Certification requirements to systems analyses
    •    System modelling of wind turbines by means of Modelica
    •    Support structure simulation with focus on Craig-Bampton Reduction for joint modeling
  • Carl Trygve Stansberg, Chief Scientist at MARINTEK (Dept. Offshore Hydrodynamics) will be giving two lectures on the topic:

            Nonlinear random signal analysis: Volterra functional series with emphasis on quadratic frequency-domain model representation

             Part 1: November 9: 09:00-12:00 Place: T 8

             Part 2: November 16: 09:00-12:00 Place: T 8


  • November 5: Two guest lectures from Aker SolutionsPlace: T 2 at the Marine Technology Centre.

             Topic/time:   13:15-14:00:  'Functionality, Design and Analysis of Semisubmersibles' by Henrik Hannus.

                                    14:15-15:00'Functionality, Design and Analysis of Tension Leg Platforms' by Thomas Berge Johannesen.

  • Guest lectures by  Professor Martin O. L. Hansen from  DTU (Technical University of Denmark) gives two guest lectures relating to wind turbines. The topics were": Basic 2-D aerodynamic and basic rotor aerodynamics" and "Regulation and Vertical Axis Wind Turbines." 
  • Guest lecture by Professor em. Tetsuya Ta, Osaka University, Japan in August. Topic: "Research on buckling/plastic collapse behaviour and strenght of ship structure." 
  • Invited lecture by Professor Preben Terndrup Pedersen, PhD, DTU Lyngby, in connection with his receiving this year's honorary doctorate at NTNU
    Topic: "On ship collisions and grounding analyses"

    Place: T2 at the Marine Technology Centre
    Wed. 19 May, 1500-1600 hrs


This series of 3 guest lectures is a mandatory part of the MR 8207 course on

  • Guest Lecture by Prof. Arvid Naess, CeSOS/Department of Mathematics, NTNU
    Topic: " Evaluation of response"
    - choice of distribution
    - fitting of distributions and estimation of distribution parameters and moments of response
    - extreme values for processes which are transformations of Gaussian processes

    Place:T6 at the Marine Technology Centre
    Time: Friday 30 April, 9:15-12:00 hrs

  • Guest Lecture by Dr. C.T. Stansberg, Research Manager at MARINTEK
    Topic: "Frequency domain analysis of nonlinear systems"
    - Calculation of moments of the (nonlinear) response; Distribution of response (Extreme values); Second order analysis based on experiments; Extreme vales of slowdrift forces.

    Place:T6 at the Marine Technology Centre
    Time: Thursday 29 April, 13:15-16:00 hrs

  • Guest Lecture by Dr. C.T. Stansberg, Research Manager at MARINTEK
    Topic: "Frequency domain analysis by Volterra serie"
    - Second order impulse response function; quadratic transfer function; quadratic response; simplified third and higher order analysis

    Place:T6 at the Marine Technology Centre
    Time: Thursday 22 April, 13:15-16:00 hrs

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