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News 2014


Torgeir Moan

July 27-31: 10 post-graduates from Iran had their Norwegian residence permits cancelled.

Academics from NTNU have expressed concern after almost a dozen post-graduate science students from Iran had their residence permits cancelled because of international sanctions.

Prof. Torgeir Moan shares his experience with the issue on BBC News. Furthermore, the Norwegian newspaper Adresseavisen interviewed the professor on the topic, as well as the environmentalist social network website Care2. (July 27-31, 2014)




July 18: Experiment shows: sometimes older is better!

dueling boats

Photo (Nancy Bazilchuk, NTNU): The verdict is in after the experiments in the towing tanks of the Marine Technology Centre– the traditional goat boat is better than the younger "møringsbåten"! (July 18, 2014)

Find out why in the article and video on (in Norwegian).

June 13: Germany's president Gauck and Norway's crown prince Haakon are visiting the Marine Technology Centre.


Photo (MARINTEK): The German president Joachim Gauck and his partner are enjoying their visit at the ocean basin of the Marine Technology Centre, together with Norway's crown prince Haakon, the CEO of SINTEF Unni Steinsmo, county mayor Tore O. Sandvik and rector of NTNU Gunnar Bovim. (June 13, 2014)

Germany's president Joachim Gauck, his partner Daniela Schadt and Norway's crown prince Haakon visited the Marine Technology Centre on Friday June 13, 2014.

They talked among others with Master students and employees of the Department of Marine Technology. See pictures of the visit.

Read more in NTNU's press release (in Norwegian) as well as on (in Norwegian).


May 19-20: 70 Years Anniversary Seminar and Celebration for Prof. Faltinsen and Moan- a success!


Photo: Speakers and participants listen to the presentations at the 70 Years Anniversary Seminar at the Marine Technology Centre. Front row from the left: Unni Steinsmo (CEO of SINTEF Group), Tore Ulstein (deputy CEO of Ulstein Group), Torbjørn Digernes (former NTNU-rector), Professors Moan and Faltinsen, and Henrik Madsen (CEO of DNV GL). (May 19-20, 2014)

The 70 Years Anniversary Seminar and Celebration for Professors Faltinsen and Moan on May 19-20, 2014, in Trondheim has been finished successfully.

The Marine Technology Centre was packed with 300 national and international guests and prestigious speakers. Additionally, the seminar was video-streamed; there were 787 views in total.

Have a look at the programme, the presentations given at the conference as well as the pictures taken at the seminar and celebratory dinner.

Teknisk Ukeblad interviewed the two professors for the occasion (in Norwegian).

April 28: NTNU's research magazine Gemini reports that Prof. Torgeir Moan has been awarded honorary professorship at Aalto University in Finland.


August 2013 - May 2014: Many doctoral candidates have been graduated from CeSOS in this time period. Among those are Doctors Maxime X. Thys, Xiang Tan, Erin E. Bachynski, Ida M. Aglen, Anastasios Lekkas, Øyvind Y. Rogne, Jingbo Wang, Song An and Dominik A. Breu.


News 2013


August 1: Dr Ehsan Peymani successfully obtained his PhD degree after publicly defending his doctoral thesis entitled "Topics in Synchronization and Motion Control". The title of his trial lecture was: "Methods for Hardware-in-the Loop Testing of UAV".

June 25: Dr Mahmoud Etemaddar successfully obtained his PhD degree after publicly defending his doctoral thesis entitled "Load and Response Analysis of Wind Turbines under Atmospheric Icing and Controller System Faults with Emphasis on Spar Type Floating Wind Turbine". The title of his trial lecture was: "Principles and Procedure in Relation to Risk-Based Inspection for Offshore Structures".

June 11: Prof. Odd M. Faltinsen was honoured at the 32nd International Conference on Ocean, Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2013) with the OMAE Division-ASME Lifetime Achievement Award. The committee argued that this is “in grateful recognition of significant life-time contributions to marine and offshore hydrodynamics”.

At the conference, Prof. Faltinsen was also recognized with a dedicated “Odd M. Faltinsen Honoring Symposium on Marine Hydrodynamics" which lasted most of the conference week. The presentations at the symposium were given both by well-known researchers and by young research talents and covered many subjects within marine hydrodynamics, such as wave mechanics of ship and offshore platforms, slamming and sloshing, and ship manoeuvering.

Congratulations with these prominent awards!

June 10: The four new Centres of Excellence at NTNU, among them the Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS), were inaugurated at Gløshaugen Campus. The Research Council of Norway reports. In addition, NTNU's newspaper Universitetsavisa covered the story. (Photo: Universitetsavisa)


May 31: Dr Babak Ommani and Dr Yihan Xing defended their PhD thesis on the same day!

Dr Ommani successfully obtained his PhD degree after publicly defending his doctoral thesis entitled "Potential-Flow Predictions of a Semi-Displacement Vessel Including Applications to Calm Water Broaching". The title of his trial lecture was: "Hydrodynamic Aspects of Seaweeds". Dr Ommani is currently working at Marintek in Trondheim.

Dr Xing successfully obtained his PhD degree after publicly defending his doctoral thesis entitled "Modelling and Analysis of the Gearbox in a Floating Spar-Type Wind Turbine". The title of his trial lecture was: "Installation of Offshore Wind Turbines".

27-29 May 2013: The CeSOS Highlights and AMOS Visions Conference is taking place at the Marine Technology Centre in Trondheim! (read an article from Universitetsavisa about the conference)

The Marine Technology Centre was used to full capacity when national and international friends and collaborators of CeSOS and the AMOS came to partake in the numerous scientific sessions.

Have a look at the presentations given at the conference as well as the pictures and snapshots taken at the conference and conference dinner.

The conference covered a broad spectrum within marine technology: from wind turbines and wave energy converters over underwater robots and oil platforms to ship transport and aquaculture.

The prestigious speakers came from CeSOS and from all over the world.

For the overall programme, see the final conference brochure.

To learn more about the sessions, see the final sessions programme.

The feedback from the attending scientists and industrial partners was positive throughout.

May 24: Dr Reza Firoozkoohi successfully obtained his PhD degree after publicly defending his doctoral thesis entitled "Experimental, Numerical and Analytical Investigation of the Effect of Screens on Sloshing". The title of his trial lecture was: "The Lattice Boltzmann Method and Its Potential Use for Marine Applications". Dr Firoozkoohi is currently working at Marintek in Trondheim. 
April 23: Dr Adi Kurniawan successfully obtained his PhD degree after publicly defending his doctoral thesis entitled "Modelling & Geometry Optimisation of Wave Energy Converters". The title of his trial lecture was: "Ocean Mining. Potential and Technological Challenges". Dr Kurniawan is currently working as a researcher at Plymouth University

March 20: Our brand new annual report for 2012 has come out! Have a look at last year’s activities at CeSOS: research results and research activities, interviews, publications, social events etc. You may also order a print version by contacting Torgeir Moan.

February 7: Erin Bachynski presented her PhD work in front of 250 excited high school girls at NTNU's Girls' Day ("Jentedagen"). The girls were chosen to participate in this two-day event to get to know NTNU's studying possibilities within Natural Sciences and Technology.

February 7: The Norwegian science programme "Schrödingers katt" features Prof. Sørensen and Fredrik Dukan several times on their tour with marine archaeologists and other colleagues trying to find a boat with cadavers that was sunk during the Second World War. They are exploring the seabed searching for the "Falstadbåt" using their underwater robots. Watch feature one and feature two on NRK. Read also Sciencenordic's article and's article. In addition, NTNU's research magazine Gemini featured the story in its June edition on page 4. (Photo: NRK)

February 2: Last year, Erin Bachynski participated in the Researcher Grand Prix in Trondheim. She, like nine other PhD candidates from NTNU, stood on the stage at Studentersamfundet last September to talk about her project. The goal of the candidates was to present their work in an interesting and exciting manner so that everybody understood their work and its relevance to society. Their effort was judged by a jury and the audience. Watch it online.

January 18: Dr Decao Yin successfully obtained his PhD degree after publicly defending his doctoral thesis entitled "Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Combined In-line and Cross-flow Vortex Induced Vibrations". The title of his trial lecture was: "Simulation of Marine Riser Disconnect and Recoil". Dr Yin is currently working in the Offshore Hydrodynamic Department at Marintek, Trondheim.

January 11: The Norwegian Newspaper Adresseavisen interviewed Centre Director Torgeir Moan about CeSOS's 10 years of operation.

January 8: Universitetsavisa reports from CeSOS's celebration of its 10th year of operation. (Photo: Universitetsavisa)

January 7: CeSOS has been operative for 10 years! We grasped the opportunity to celebrate the Centre accordingly and invited internal and external high profile guests to a one-day seminar at the Marine Technology Centre in Trondheim. 120 people came to see and hear what the Centre has achieved over the past 10 years.

Check out the programme of the day!

Have a look at the presentations!

Among others, the head of DNV GL Group, Henrik O. Madsen, did CeSOS the honour and praised its accomplishments. The Centre has published 8 books and more than 1000 journal and conference papers, as well as educated almost 60 PhD candidates. It is expected that in the coming years, over 40 PhD candidates will graduate from CeSOS. Furthermore, a new Centre of Excellence, AMOS, has evolved from CeSOS.

The event received quite some media attention. NRK Trøndelag interviewed Prof. Faltinsen and Moan on the radio, and Adresseavisen and Universitetsavisa wrote about and around the event.

Background: The first 13 Centres of Excellence (CoE) are becoming 10 years. In the course of autumn 2012, the results of some centres are being presented to both international researchers and a broader audience.

CeSOS was one of the first Centres of Excellence to be established by the Research Council of Norway. The extended financing period by the Council was completed by the end of 2012.

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